Fun way to cool off! 
Is the heat getting to you! Tired of doing the same old thing. Why not have some fun. Check out the Owens River. Its a cool place to go tubing,relax and just cool off. For some fun try the rope swing and see how far you can jump. See you are the river!

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How bad is the drought? 
As we are all aware the drought in California has really affected our water supply. For those of you who have not seen the LA aqueduct recently this is what it looks like. There is barely any water! But in the midst of the water shortage there are still these hidden oases where desert flowers blooms and life thrives. The photo below of the LA aqueduct was taken in the desert just a mile away tucked behind a hill was this beautiful blooming field of flowers thriving in spite of the water shortage.

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Truth or BS: Key code-Confusion 
New series "Truth or BS" send your votes in and at the end of the week we will share how you voted and reveal the actual answer on the Blog. Be prepared to LOL and be amazed!!!

Incoming call:(guest calls at 4 pm saying access code does not work)

Jamie: Thank you for calling Mammoth Rental By Owner. This is Jamie.

Guest: Hi, we are at our property trying to check in but the code does not work! We want to get inside now! Help us!

Jamie: Of course. May I please get the property location please?

Guest: We are staying at Snow Creek. We have tried entering the code and nothing happens! Why won’t the stupid code work?! This is ridiculous! We wait until 4 pm and now the thing doesn't even work!

Jamie: I am very sorry to hear that. The code must have malfunctioned. Not a problem, please give me a moment and we will get you a new code.

Guest: Fine.

Did this Guest really not try the code on the door? Truth or BS let us know your vote!

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Need a cup of coffee? How about a mountain high? 
Where Am I today?
Hi Everyone,
If you can tell me correctly where I am in this video, no later than August 19, 2014 Tuesday 3pm I will send you a $10 Starbucks gift card.
Email your correct answer to and Happy Caffè Mocha:)

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Are you sure it's Summer in Mammoth and Yosemite? 
Last week while hiking around Mammoth and Yosemite we experienced a most
amazing thing. Hail and 36 degree temperature at 4pm in the afternoon during the Summer. It was so awesome!

For the best cabins, condos and townhouse to rent in Mammoth visit or call (888) 472-5777

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