Mammoth sees FOUR FEET of new snow 

This past weekend's storm brought four feet of new snow to Mammoth, bringing the season total at Main Lodge to 243 inches. This year's promising El Nino has already beat out last season's averages and totals. All ski lifts are in full operation and the trails are open each day. This winter has been the perfect balance between hardcore pow and bluebird skies.

Light snow showers are going to continue throughout the week, ready to greet skiiers and snow-lovers as the town fills up for the upcoming three-day weekend. The excitement will even continue the following week, with music, entertainment, and festivities taking place daily at the Village Feb. 15-20.

Looking for an affordable way to enjoy the snow? No worries. We're offering up to 50% off. Get your family into the car and go! Click here to see our specials.

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Snow-M-G! Fun, fresh pow, and festivities.  

The temptation to run around outside and make snow angels is high this time of year. Especially during the best snowfall in years! This weekend, 2-3 inches of snow per hour is expected to fall. In the upper elevations, 2-3 feet of snow is expected this weekend.

Heavy snowfall began early this morning with 8-10 inches of new snow already having come down so far. The season total at Main Lodge is 215 inches so far, already surpassing last season's total of 176 inches.

We're celebrating too, by offering up to 50% off and introducing our new discount for military and service personnel.

We're also introducing this discount right on time for the World Police & Fire Winter Games! This competition is open to all active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel. The event kicks off Feb. 21 and goes until Feb. 26. Service members will be competing in events such as nordic racing, skiing, and snowboarding.

We hope you all will be able to make it over to Mammoth soon! The slopes are open, the air is crisp, and we're excited to meet you.

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A Ski & Snowboard Paradise!  
Check out this awesome video of the skiing conditions up at Mammoth Mountain right now! If you're going to hit the slopes soon, this should get you pumped.

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EPIC snow on its way 

We'll bet this photo will be most of you these next few days. Twelve to fifteen inches of fresh pow has fallen over the last 24 hours, arriving just in time for the holiday weekend. It's only going to get better over the next couple of days too, with an additional six inches expected in town tonight, and up to three more inches over the weekend.

Even though the pow will be coming down, daytime temperatures are expected to be in the 30s. This will be a picture-perfect weekend for skiing, snowboarding, and...well...taking pictures! Nothing makes Mammoth look more beautiful than the porcelain white backdrop of snow upon its landscape.

To top it all off, we're making sure the weekend is not the only time you and your family can enjoy Mammoth! We're currently offering a 50% off deal for any stays that last between Monday night and Friday morning-- click here to learn more about this offer!

We're stoked for this winter, and hope you are too. See you on the slopes!

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The time for pow is now!  

This is, without a doubt, turning out to be the best snow season Mammoth has had in years! All lifts are open as snowfall is in full swing. Snow showers are expected throughout all of January, but conditions are still ideal now. We're celebrating the snow by offering tons of new discounts, and properties whose rates are unbelievably low.

With the three-day weekend coming up, the town is sure to be buzzing with ski bums. The US Snowboarding & Freeskiing Grand Prix starts on Sunday. This is a nationally televised competition where the best of the slope will take to the halfpipe to show their snowboarding skills.

We hope you're pumped, because we are. Here are some up-to-date weather and skiing stats to get you really excited:

-Base Depth at Main Lodge: 75 inches
-Base Depth at McCoy Station: 82 inches
-Depth at The Summit: 115 inches
-Ski Trails Open: 162

Enjoy the cold, mountain lovers!

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