First Snow of the Season in Mammoth 
Deals and Steals happening for Mammoth Lodging

The snow is falling and so are our lodging rates. Book now and save on these deep discounts! Call for us for details at (818)883-2488.

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Snow in Sept & the Cali4nia Pass? Our prayers have been answered! 
Let’s just call today “Fist Pump Friday”!

1st Fist Pump: Mammoth residents and visitors could be waking up Sunday morning to wet conditions. With a 70% chance of rain/snow coming between late Friday through Sunday night! Snow level will be at 8,500 feet on Saturday night, and elevations at 9,000-10,000 feet may see 3 to 6 inches of wet snow fall on Sunday.

2nd Fist Pump: Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has announced that they will be acquiring Bear Mountain & Snow Summit Ski Resorts! Which means that skiers and snowboarders will have unrestricted access to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Bear Mountain, June Mountain and Snow Summit Mountain Resort.
The coolest pass yet, the “Cali4nia Pass” goes on sale tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 27 at a preseason price of $689 (limited time price). And get this…Mammoth MVP pass holders who’ve already renewed for the upcoming 2014/2015 season will automatically be upgraded. Awesome!

Call us or check our website for super discounts on great properties in Mammoth! Book now and save. With the new Cali4nia pass and hopes of some super early snowfall, it’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons in recent years!

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Share If You Dare 
Share your stories with us! We would love to hear about your awesome adventures in Mammoth Lakes. It can be a long, short, silly or sad. Hopefully not the latter, but if you want to share, we will listen. No judgement, no criticism, no harsh reply...only listening.

For us this blog is an outlet to express ideas, thoughts and to share helpful information. Please feel free to do the same, we are happy to put your stories on website. You can email us at or visit our Facebook page or tweet us at @mammoth395

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Some say yes, some say no, but El Nino is a go! 
El Nino is upon us! According to the scientists at the National Weather Service and the Climate Prediction Center, the telltale signs of El Nino are starting to emerge, align and settle. It looks as though these positive weather patterns have settled and the odds that El Nino is forming are very optimistic! Even better, there is hope for further development and strength increasing throughout the fall and winter. Yes!

With the warm ocean temps in the Tropical Pacific (hello recent hurricane’s off the West coast), and the extreme heat patterns that California has survived through this summer, an El Nino year is favorable.

Dan Collins, a scientist at the CPC recently said “We like to see temperatures at this level for about a month before we declare we have El Niño conditions”.

So let's all mark our calenders for October 19th, and all together say "El Nino Hooray"!

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Update on June Fire - Town is open 

UPDATE as of 9/19 in the morning...The June Fire remains at 65 acres and is 65% contained. However, evacuations orders were lifted yesterday at 2 pm. All roadways and campgrounds are open to residents and visitors with the exception of the Reversed Creek Campground.

June Lake has re-opened to visitors and residents. However, Gull Lake remains closed for boats and flotation devices as Gull Lake may continue to be used as dipping site for aerial operations.

Residents should be aware that firefighters will be working in and around the roadways 24 hours a day. Motorists are asked to please drive carefully. Residents may still see and smell smoke from the fire lofting in the area. The cause of the fire is remains under investigation.

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