Executive Chef comes to you for dinner 
Daniel Molnar graduated Culinary Institute of America in 1993. He has worked for prestigious chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Neil Fraiser in Los Angeles and George McGahffey in Aspen. Daniel recently left the Westin Monache hotel in Mammoth Lakes Ca. where he served as Executive chef for two years.
It is Daniels extensive travels throughout Europe, South East Asia, South and Central America that really define his cuisine. His appetizers tend to reflect ethnic street food while his entrees lean toward classic Western fare.
A typical menu might start with chicken mole tacos, ahi tuna in cucumber cups or beef satay with peanut sauce. Items reminiscent of Daniel’s travels abroad.
A simple salad with honey mustard vinaigrette and candied walnuts or a cauliflower puree with smoked almond soup might follow.
Entrees such as roast strip loin with chimi churi sauce, pan seared wild Salmon with dill cream or roast leg of lamb might be accompanied by a root vegetable gratin, caramelized Brussels sprouts, sautéed broccoli rabe or roast garlic whipped potatoes.
Deserts are a simple affair. Flourless chocolate cake with espresso cream or maybe a home made apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
Daniel is happy to prepare kids food. For a less formal evening, Daniel will be happy to drop off a completely prepared meal. The choice is yours.

To contact Daniel Molnar email info@mammothrentalbyowner.com or call (818)883-2488

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It's snowing!! 
When families come to Mammoth in the winter particularly, their concerned about costs. It's not just the cost of the rental, it's the clothing for the kids, the activities, food, transportation and so much more.

Renting a condo helps with the expenses becuase you can prepare your own meals and save money. We love to go snow shoeing and take our boogie boards and go sledding where no one has gone. My husband packs water, fresh bread, cheese, fruit and home made cookies and we all headout.

There are some awsome places to go sledding with young kids as well as teenagers. If you don't have snow shoes you can rent them for a few bucks for 1/2 day. It's as easy as walking. Pop on the snow shoes and walk out into the virgin snow. Sparkling and beckoning for you to leave your mark. You don't have to go far before you see a hill that no one has slid down. How can you resist? At least we can't, we all jump on our boggie boards (lying down on our stomachs and feet up in the air) off we go. Untouched snow. What a ride!!!!!! At the bottom it's easy since we have our snow shoes on we just walk up the hill and go again and again and again. Talk about bang for your buck. At the end of the day we are all tired with big grins on our faces. Come back to the condo and collapse, splurge and order dinner in, Pizza :)

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Hotels vs Rent by Owner Condos 
When our family would take vacations in the past we would stay in hotels. We never had enough room, we always had to eat out and it got very expensive.

This motivated us to buy a vacation condo in Mammoth.
It's been great. We have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a full kitchen, wonderful ambience and we are saving money.To offset the costs of a vacation rental we rent it to guests who also get to enjoy the spacious condo, prepare meals and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere for a lot less money then a hotel room. A win-win for all. Makes me think why we didn't do this a long time ago. The extra bonus is that many of our guests are returning and we have developed a relationship with some wonderful people.

Our vacation rental has become more than a rental its a place that we and our guests enjoy and return time after time and create memories and wonderful experiences because it is personal and our home.

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Mammoth Property Owners 
There are many "rent by owner" websites. They serve the global community. We at Mammoth Rental By Owner serve the local community. Our website is Mammoth specific and has a dominant Mammoth Interent presence.

We inform our owners of local laws and information necessary to gain compliance with the city and provide safety for our guests. Mammoth Rental By Owner helps owners with rental contracts, Online bookings, vacation schedules, cleaning crews, insurance and so much more all at a personal level and a price that fits your budget.

For our guests Mammoth Rental By Owner provides affordable vacation accomidations,easy reservations, owner contact and local Mammoth information.

Owner or guest, Mammoth Rental By Owner is here to assist you.

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If you own a vacation rental consider this 
Rent your property directly to guests. As the owner you will get to keep more of the reservation fee and the guests get to save money. A win/win for all. Not sure how to rent your property by your self? Give MRBO a call at (818)883-2488 and we can explain and help you with the process. It's affordable and easy to get going. MammothRentalbyOwner.com also offers an "A La Carte" menue for additions servies at very affordable rates and you decide when to stop and start the service and what services you want.

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