Kind of a Dorky Poem:) 
Mammoth Condo Condominium
Happy families having lots of fun
Skiing singles swooshing every run
Friends and loved ones
Slipping into a hot tubs with the setting sun

Years have gone bye
Day by day
Since youíve been this high
Way up in a plane
Up in the sky
But that was for work
And Mountains are for play

Take time now to enjoy
The journey is now
We call it life, oh boy!
Its not all money and then you die
Thereís destinations along the way
Like Mammoth Mountain where you can lie
Around, or ski like crazy every day

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Finding Your Way to Events 

One of the great things about Mammoth Mountain is thatís its not just a resort, itís also small town America. Like most small towns the Mammoth Lakes community comes together throughout the year to sponsor events that welcome visitors and residents to join in the fun and raise funds to support local causes. If your renting a Mammoth Mountain condo for the weekend or more you can get to know some of the community residents that are working hard to improve education opportunities in the Eastern Sierra. Events span the range of ski and snowboard races to Golf tournaments and a play at the Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre. Some of the fun fundraisers organized by the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and the The Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation are listed below.

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival March 4th & 5th
An Evening with the Stars: Staged reading of K2 starring Beau Bridges March 26, 2011
Dial M for Murder by Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre March 31 - April 17
Felici Trio Winter concert series March 20 thru May 1

The Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation sponsors
The Mammoth Invitational April 8-10

Check out theyíre websites for more info ... itational/

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Brrrrrrr it's cold in Mammoth 
It's been really cold this week in Mammoth. Pipes are freezing, toes and fingers are freezing but what the hey the snow is not melting. Welcome to Mammoth, let the fun begin.

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Family Time in Mammoth 

If you have family bring em, including the dog! Bringing the kiddos the cousins, aunts & uncles, grand-folks and yes, even in-laws;) for a ski/board week can be a great way to reconnect. Hot tubs, scenery, fresh air and having everyone off on the slopes all day makes for great evenings together. Heck even those sometimes challenging teens seem to lose a little attitude when they gain a little altitude:)

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Hot Springs 
Iím 17 and this is my first ski trip without my parents. I have a part time job in the rental room of my neighborhood ski shop and that lucks me into the our annual trip to Mammoth. The kiddie seat of a 60í something Stingray is the ride my age, tenure and size earns me. Ya, I didnít know Vetteís had back seats either, some do I guess. The driver, Chuck, really old, maybe late 30ís, must have taken pity on me all cramped up and breathing in his ear because in something like three and a half hours driveway to mountain, including a stop for gas, he broke his personal best record. The speedometer twitched 120 at times and the scream of wind and whining roar of engine is sensational. Teenage boy nirvana, parental nightmare. I know only a few things when we arrive, Iím cold, extremely compressed, numb, partially deaf and this car does not have a stock engine. Muscle car means no fat. I think geez these Vettes are cheap, it feels like a bare fiberglass shell wrapped around a roll bar, no shocks and criminal horsepower. Its a thrilling but exhausting ride and borderline ecstasy unkinking myself at the lodge. I wonder where the highway patrol has been and I wonder why our skis are still attached to the trunk rack.

The next night I have dinner with the store crew and my first cocktail in a bar. A grasshopper of course and one was enough I guess. Cuz Whoa! Iím in a Land Rover with three of my co-ed work buddies driving across a plain of snow glowing in starlight for what seems like an hour. Utterly amazed we can drive off the highway like this Iím a little curious about freezing to death if we get stuck. I have no idea where we are, but destination? Hot springs! We pull up alongside a few other cars and hop out stopping to stare in awe of the universe above. I hear a burbling creek, the ticking of a hot engine cooling fast and the stars confirm we donít need the flashlights we didnít bring. As we crunch down the bank I can start to see heads drifting in and out of swirling clouds of steam. Then whole people wading out to get dressed and OMG! the girls are not wearing bathing suits!!
And then OMG neither are my gal buddies from work and that's a big surprise for this high school kid! Time to rip my clothes off and get in the creek quick cuz this is blowing my mind. My excitement is tempered by stumbling barefoot in the snow over ice encrusted rocks at the creeks edge and the shock of putting my chilly feet into some pretty hot damn water. Working my body out of life sucking cold air down into this mother earth heated, skin wrinkling creek eases a sigh out of me once my earlobes dip the surface. And oh what fun! I can move around the creek through an infinite range of temperatures from melted snow to egg poachiní until I find just the right hotness.
Surreal and ethereal time has us debating how long weíd been soaking. We notice weíre the last ones in the creek and reckon it must be at least 1:00AM. Hmmmm. No towels. I shake my head and hear the sound of ice clinking. Reaching up to touch my surfer long hair I find dreadlocks of ice. My imagination then pictures a thin film of ice coating my skin by the time I make it back to the car. Well body heat prevails after all and Iím still warm and toasty five minutes back down the car tracks when the car heater kicks in.

The skiing? More firsts. Surviving the Stingray ride increased my sense of invincibility enough to huck myself off the cornice for the first time. I hook up with the best skier in our group, the Boss of course, and fall in a few yards behind him trying to stay in his tracks and mirror his every move. My skiing ability and confidence increase exponentially.
Day three and weíre done. One of the gals offers me a seat in her bland sedan so I bail on the Vette and jump in. Riding along all warm and comfy enough for my brain to work, I ponder about how much Iíve been changed by this trip to the mountain and sure Iíve read this somewhere, thatís what mountains do.

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