Mammoth Winter Biathlon . Next big deal? 

Story by Stacy Corless

There’s often talk of Mammoth being the next Aspen or Vail. How about Vikersund?

That’s in Norway, where the Nordic sport of biathlon originated. Biathlon is a big deal in its birthplace, where tens of thousands of fans flock to races that combine high-speed cross-country skiing with precision target-shooting.

Mammoth’s winter biathlon might eventually be that kind of draw. In its first two years, the still-budding biathlon has already attracted more competitors and spectators than any other Nordic skiing event in Mammoth’s history.

“I think we’ll get 200 racers this year—four times the turnout for a typical Nordic race,” says Mike Karch, the local shoot/ski movement’s catalyst.

If anyone can convince the snow-loving visitors to, and citizenry of, Mammoth to pick up a .22-caliber rifle and take aim, it’s Karch. The energetic, engaging 40-year-old orthopedic surgeon and Nordic skiing enthusiast has an Olympic vision.

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More than Advertising. 
OK you have a vacation rental and you have posted ad's on the website and in papers but somehow you still seem to be missing the mark on capturing more of the business. Why is that? Well,there are several factors(actually 17) that contribute to a successful and profitable vacation rental. I'll address the first one today. Responding!

As simple and uncomplicated as it seems responding to your guests inquiry will determine if your property will get rented or not, regardless of price or location. Potential guests are contacting you because they are ready to make a commitment (book a reservation). Yes, there are a few who are just window shopping but the majority who call or email you are ready to book now! Don't believe that statment? Well it's true and the reason a guests does not book is because they have not received a solid reason, motivation, assurance or time to do so from the property owner.

Responding to a potential guests requires intuitive listening skills, clear and concise answers, timing and pacing. Responding to your guest using these skills results in a satisfying experience for your guest and a rental for your unit.Everyone is happy.

When and how to respond to an inquiry is crutial because it will lay the ground work for moving the inquiry to a solid reservation. More on this later.

There is more to advertising then buying ad space!Make the AD work for you! Contact or Nomadness Corporation and see how things work behind the scenes.

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Get more Bang for your buck when advertising your rental 
What is advertising really about? It's about getting your product in this case your rental out and visable to as many potential people as possible. OK there are many website that can accomplish that but then what? So people see your ad but before they book they have questions. How easy is it to get these answers? How easy is it to pay? What if the guests wants to change dates how easy is it? Advertising and renting your property is more than putting an ad on a website it's about the ease and convenience and customer service that you can provide your potential renter. What good is advertising all over the web if you are not able to provide the best customer service for your renters. Renters like ease, convenience, saving money and quick responses. Make it easy and they will be back!

At MAMMOTH RENTAL BY OWNER not only is your property advertised but your potential renters have the ability to access rates, availability and book online 24/7. You as the owner or renter have access to our customer service representatives 7 days a week from 10-5pm and in the event of an emergency for the homeowner or renter we are availble 24/7. Our customer service representatives have received rigorous training, are well spoken, polite, educated about the area and our rentals. We don't have a call center we have customer service. Real people with real answers to your questions and concerns!

Let us walk you through the process of successful vacation property rental. Get the best advertising, customer service and maximize your rentals all for far less than websites like VRBO or HomeAway. Your property is not just a number with us your rental property is part of our Mammoth Rental By Owner family. Mammoth Rental By Owner is your Nomandess connection to vacation rental success.

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High-Altitude Training & Trails 
Want to know more about High-Altitude Training & Trails. Join your friends and neighbors tomorrow (Wednesday, June 8) from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Mammoth Lakes Community Center on the corner of Minaret Road and Forest Trail.

For a meeting schedule, workshop notes, press release, or frequently asked questions, please visit the official RecStrats website at To access related documents and additional research materials, please visit MLTPA's RecStrats page.

Have more questions High-Altitude Training & Trails give Mammoth Rental By Owner a call or visit

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New sport, lots of fun. Snowball 

Great new game and it's catching on life wild fire.

Give us a call (818)883-2488 at for game rules and details.

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