Big Winter 2014-2015. EL Nino on the way!! 
Attention, weather superfans: El Niño might be coming back. And this time, we could be in for a big one.

Official NOAA Climate Prediction Center estimates peg the odds of El Niño’s return at 50 percent, but many climate scientists think that is a lowball estimate. And there are several indications that if it materializes, this year’s El Niño could be massive, a lot like the 1997-98 event that was the strongest on record.

“I think there’s no doubt that there’s an El Niño underway,” said climate scientist Kevin Trenberth of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research. “The question is whether it’ll be a small or big one.”

On top of some late-’90s nostalgia, a strong El Niño would bring pronounced changes to weather patterns around the globe, and possibly relief from some of the less-pleasant weather trends that have dominated headlines this year. After a Polar Vortex-fueled, unbearably cold winter in the U.S. Midwest and East Coast, a strong El Niño could bring warmer, drier weather in late 2014. And to parched California and its prolonged drought, El Niño might provide drenching rainstorms to fill up reservoirs. But the news won’t all be good. Rainstorms in California could mean floods and mudslides and, coupled with climate change.

The winter is when El Niño really gets going, though. Moisture flows from Hawaii to southern California in an atmospheric river colloquially known as the “Pineapple Express.” This creates heavy rainfall that dumps on the region. Though this could bring some relief from California’s drought, it also comes with the risk of flash floods and mudslides because the ground has been so hard and dry.

If conditions remain as they are right now, by June researchers will know that El Niño is on its way.

Stay tuned for information on the upcoming Winter of 2014-2015 it could be a BIG SNOW YEAR!

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Springfest is almost here, just a few days away! 
Springfest is this weekend! Stop by Canyon Lodge Sunday, April 20 and watch costumed skiers and snowboarders attempt to beeline it across a 110-foot, ice cold pond without falling in! It's one of the most entertaining events you'll see all spring. You can also sign up to give it a shot yourself! There's only 60 spots available.

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See the YouTube video from last year----->

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Minaret Vista Snow Shoe Walk: February 15, 2014 to April 19, 2014 and Every Saturday 
Check out the curvy terrain of the San Joaquin Ridge and enjoy the breathtaking views from beginning to end and scenery that Mount Clyde, Mount Ritter, and Banner Peak have to offer where the eye can see for miles on end. The Mammoth trails offer endless recreation and opportunities on more than 300 miles of trails. The Minaret Vista is located just above the San Joaquin Ridge where the Main Lodge road begins. It’s every Saturday so come on UP Join the Park Service or Forest Service ranger on a 2-mile round-trip tour from Mammoth Mountain Ski Area to the Minaret Vista.

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Truth or BS: Messy Bed 
Truth or BS: Messy Bed

New series called "Truth or BS" send your votes in and at the end of the week we will share how you voted and reveal the actual answer on the Blog. Be prepared to LOL and be amazed!!!

Email to

Guest has just arrived to their unit in Mammoth. Guest calls to file a complaint

Employee: Thank you for calling Mammoth Rental By Owner. This is Jamie, how can I help you?

Guest: Hi. We just arrived in our unit and the it looks like the bed linens have not been changed.

Employee: I am very sorry to hear that sir. Please let me call housekeeping to verify that the unit has been cleaned.

Guest: Thank you.

Employee: One moment please. ( I call housekeeping and was assured that the property had just been cleaned the day before). Call guest back.

Employee: Sir, I have just spoken with housekeeping and they have assured us that the unit and beds have been cleaned. Can you please elaborate about the linens. What do you mean by "they do not look to have been changed?".

Guest: They just look like they have not been cleaned.

Employee: Again Sir. What do you mean? Are they dirty? Are there crumbs? Were the beds not made when you went in?

Guest: The beds were made fine. It is the sheets and linens that look like they have not been changed.

Employee: I am sorry sir, but I do not understand the looking part. Can you please describe them?

Guest: They look wrinkled.

Employee: ( thinking in mind, wrinkled sheets equals dirty sheets?). Okay Sir. I will call housekeeping and have them stop by and perhaps they can provide you will fresh linens.

Guest: Thank you.

Employee:. You are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

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Truth or BS: Straws, Sheets and Qtips Revealed!! 
So you want to know if this Truth or BS is real or not. Well it was a little of both. How is that possible? Let me explain. It was April 1
(April Fools) and one of our employee decided to mess with with another employee(new hire) being April fools so the messing began. So employee Jackie sent the email to employee Otis and it got pretty funny and silly. Jackie really had Otis going. When it was all over everyone had a good laugh.April Fools!
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