Truth or BS? One night Contractor REVEALED!!! 
It's been a very busy few weeks with lots happening in Mammoth and the TV show. I apologize for not posting the answer sooner. So many of you have emailed and wanted to know the answer to the "One Night Contractor" well it was a BS, BUT we did have a guest that came very close to making this story true which is very scary (lol). Lucky for us it did not go that far.

Stay tuned for more Truth or BS coming next week and keep those emails and calls coming in.

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Sunrise and the Wild Flowers of the Sierra's  
The Eastern Sierra's and Mammoth in particular hold a delicate balance of Summer beauty and Winter harshness. The Summer months warm the sole with amazing sunrises and natures most delicate accessories. has a vacation rentals just right for you.In perfect balance with your budget, location and property needs. Give us a call (888) 472-5777
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Expected Precipitation this Winter: El Nino Knocking on the door 
So many of you have contacted us regarding the upcoming El Nino event that is expected this Winter and wanting to take advantage of pre-Season discounts. Below I have provided you with some diagrams that show the anticipated precipitation for Oct,Nov, Dec and Jan. It looks very promising!

Give us a call (888) 472-5777 to get your promotion code and take advantage of the Pre-Season discounts before El Nino comes a visiting!

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Music in the Woods 
Gary Walker and David BonAmi bring their 4 piece band "Soulshine" to the outdoor stage this coming Thursday evening for another free concert hosted by The Gallery at Twin Lakes. Music will start at 6:30 and go into the evening hours. Bring a chair and a picnic basket if you wish. A voluntary donation to the band is appreciated !!

It's a perfect kick-off for this weekend's Jazz Festival.Join us at 2749 Lake Mary Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Book your Mammoth retreat at or call (888) 472-5777

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You’r looking at planning your Winter Ski trip but are just not sure what the conditions will be like. Read on! 
You’r looking at planning your Winter Ski trip but are just not sure what the conditions will be like. Last year was a bust and the snow really did not materialize but we all made the best of the snow we did get. Heck any snow is better than no snow! But come on lets be real, for those of us who count the days till the snow returns this has been torturous! However, the cavalry (El Nino) is on the way so to speak!

Over the past several months, the Pacific Ocean has transitioned rather dramatically toward an El Niño state. Numerous ocean-atmosphere models (which are used to make predictions regarding the state of El Niño months in advance) are nearly unanimous in projecting the development of full-fledged El Niño conditions by late summer or early fall 2014.

So what does a full-fledged EL Nino condition mean? The strong possibility of lots of rain and snow! The last time El Nino conditions were similar to what we are seeing now in the Pacific was an event that occurred in 1997 which preceded the very strong 1997-1998 El Niño event (remember all the snow in Mammoth, 487”) Wahoo!!!!!

The forecasts are predicting an El Niño event close to 80% during the fall and early winter.

Well in a nut shell this winter is shaping up to possibly be a rerun of the awesome 1997/98 Winter, lots of Snow! So everyone keep on sending those snow vibes to the Gods of Snow and let’s help the El Nino find his way home to Mammoth!

Stay tuned for Monthly updates on El Nino!

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Book your reservations early ( take advantage of the pre El Nino Event!

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