Are you ready for Halloween? 
Got you pumpkins carved? Costume ready? It's almost Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!

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#WollyHunt & Everything Mammoth 
Hey So Cal Residents! Anyone playing along with the #WollyHunt this week? Everyday Wolly hides something (not always in Mammoth), posts a clue on Instagram, the first person to tell Wolly they found it, wins a prize. How fun is that?! Check out our Twitter page: @mammoth395 for the info with links on how to play along with Wolly.

And if you can believe it, we are so pumped for Opening Day on November 13th, its crazy! Everything we do and talk about is Mammoth. Talking about the upcoming chance of snow this Saturday, making snow themed crafts, downloading weather apps, tracking El Nino, tracking Wolly, booking cabins, dusting off ski’s, waxing snowboards, you name it, I'm sticking a Mammoth sticker on it and yelling Mammoth Rocks!

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TID BIT TUESDAY strikes again 
Time you have to locate your trail map in your jacket pocket from last winter: 15 days 16 hours, 15 minutes and 28 seconds

Mammoth Snowfall Outlook (how they come up with this stuff is beyond explanation), but 8.5 inches of water is expected in November, which makes 85 inches of snow – sounds good to me!

With an additional 1.5 inches of water to fall from December 1 – December 10.

So in the next 40 days or so, that is a total of 10 inches of rain, which for some reason works out to 8 feet of snow…by December 10th!

If you’re heading to Mammoth this weekend join the Creepy Crawl VII Halloween Costume Contest. Starts at 7pm at the Clocktower Celler. Prizes will be awarded at Midnight: 1st $250, 2nd $175 and 3rd $125. Hefty costume contest prizes, nice.

Fall colors are at 100% - so the time to check them out is NOW! Before all the beautiful leaves get blown off the trees when El Nino hits!

Take advantage of our great discounts & book your cabin now!

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Very Funny Jim Carey impersonation of Mathew McConaughey 
Came across this today and although it has nothing to do with Mammoth just wanted to share it because it was so funny. They have been playing this commercial by Mathew McConaughy so much and I guess Jim Carey wanted to put his spin on it. For a good laugh watch the video and decide if you want to buy a Lincoln.

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16 days 22 hours 16 min 43 sec till the Mountain Opens plus snow at 10,000ft 
If you are as excited as I am you are counting down the minutes too till the mountain opens. We are down to 16 days and this past weekend it snowed at 10,000 ft! The snow it on it's way. The coming weekend it's expected to get significantly colder with a chance of showers at lower elevations and snow on the higher elevations. Get ready, I'll see you at Mammoth on the mountain!

A picture of things to come.......

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