A Day In Mammoth Lakes 

For only four square miles, Mammoth has a lot to see. Award-winning eateries, scenic views, and kind locals make it a town full of magic for visitors and even long-time residents. But, when all your hiking is done and you want to spend a day perusing town, where do you go? What do you do? How do you feed yourself? Us Mammoth devotees will tell you:

#1) A beautiful morning always starts with a walk. So, head up to the lakes and take a walk. Or, if you're more of a runner, go for a jog. People love walking their dogs up around the lakes and taking in the 360 degree mountain views.

#2) You've gone for your walk. Now it's time to spoil yourself. Mimi's Cookie Bar on Old Mammoth Road has a yummy assortment of cookies, cakes, and pies. You can also unwind with a cup of joe. Book with us, and you'll get an awesome coupon for this great establishment!

#3) Lunch time: CJ's Grill just down the road from Mimi's promises not to disappoint. Not only are the dishes aesthetic, but they're gourmet and never too expensive. You can get a coupon from us for CJ's too, it's year-round and in the center of town!

#4) Unwind: Sightseeing is infinite in and around Mammoth. Make the June Lake Loop to see all the nearby forest charm, catch Tioga Pass into Yosemite, and when nightfall comes, head over to the Village and delight in its beautiful lights. Magic is possible in Mammoth, come see it for yourself.

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40% Off Every Week! 

To be perfectly honest, we're obsessed with making people happy! Above all that, so are the homeowners whose properties we have the pleasure of managing. So, when we told them all we wanted to do a 40% discount as a treat to families who do their vacation planning early, we weren't surprised to see how many jumped on board!

They love watching people take advantage of the oasis that is Mammoth Mountain: a sanctuary for hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, and more! So, there it is. Once a week, we'll be offering 40% off on great vacation homes. No questions asked. Check it out here.

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3 Sleepytime Tips for the Traveler 

It can be hard to catch the ZZZ's we need when we're out and about, sleeping in a bed that's not our own after wandering around in a place that we don't know. The whole experience is exhausting, even though travel is supposed to be rejuvenating! So, how can you beat the vacay insomnia? We'll dish out some tips:

1) Keep a cool room
It's impossible to sleep when you're heating up like a swollen helium balloon on a summer's day. If you're up in the mountains, where the air is crisp and cool, heat may not usually be a problem at night. But, during the day for a nap, when it's nice and sunny, cracking open a window might help. Ceiling fans also emit a light, cool breeze without the disruptive noise and power of an air conditioner.

2) Take in some fresh air
The more productive you feel you've been, the better you'll sleep. So, a couple of hours before you get into your bedtime routine, make sure you've had a breath of fresh air to clear your mind. Or, better yet, plan yourself a day hike that's sure to get you working hard, and then you'll be ready for that hot bath and the sleep you've been missing.

3) A cup of tea or a warm beverage
Tea, hot cocoa, warm milk, you name it. Just avoid coffee! A warm beverage before bed is sure to soothe your mind and body, warming up your muscles and making them feel tingly and tired. So go on, get your eight hours, and remember...a restful night's sleep is a brighter morning ahead.

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3 "Top of the World" Thoughts 

Every once in a while, a breathtaking expedition, an eye-opening climb, or a challenging hike will take our minds to a place our thoughts don't normally dwell. It is a place where philosophy and meditation formulates and basic worries are abandoned outside the threshold. Sometimes, when you're back in the context of everyday life, it's difficult to take yourself back to that mindful state.

What were you thinking about? Could it help you now? We'll bet it can, and we'll bet we know the thoughts nature evokes for you; because it does the same for us!

1) How small we are!

Have you ever sat atop Half Dome or pondered the Grand Canyon? There's a thought that will make you feel small. The Sierra Nevada is full of sanctuaries that are actually larger than life. Sometimes you'll look over the Yosemite Valley and think, "how the heck did I get here?" You'll feel lost and home all at the same time, it's wonderful.

2) How simple everything is.
We often forget the joys of playing in a spring of water, observing a bear, or closing our eyes and listening to the birds. This is a pure happiness you don't get often in the big city, so when you experience it, it really takes you back to your easygoing childhood roots.

3) The unknown.
When we think about it, we're surrounded by the unknown! Oftentimes, that's scary to us. Actually, it can be really freeing. When we're outside, in a meadow or on the beach, we're out in the open surrounded by earth that has seen a lot more stories than we have, and although we don't know them, we love them and it teaches us to always embrace opportunity and create new stories.

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El Nino 101 by Chris Farley 

Trying to find out what's facing us this ski season? No worries! SNL explains it all. And in a way that's perfect to the Throwback Thursday Theme. Happy almost Friday everybody!

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