Too Early to Pray for Snow? 
As Hurricane Marie is expected to bring awesomely large swells to the Southern California beaches (Los Angeles & Ventura Counties) over the next few days, it makes us think about…WEATHER! Where is this storm coming from? Does this mean El Nino is coming?

With waves expected to be as high as 10-15 feet, one could only wish for a single snowfall to dump 10-15 feet of powder to blanket Mammoth Mountain in the coming months.

Just as this swell could become a dream come true for surfers on their quest for the perfect wave, this also brings hope for Mammoth residents and winter visitors alike. We have so much anticipation every year for a season of epic snowfall, maybe this could be the trigger we have been waiting for!

As we move into the fall season, the leaves are changing color and the over-night temperatures are dropping we begin to “Pray for Snow”. This could be the season that you call your boss Monday morning telling him you’re snowed in, and can’t make it back to work (and it really be the truth)! We can dream can’t we?

With a High Surf Advisory in effect till Friday for LA and Ventura Counties, it certainly stirs up emotions and excitement for the upcoming Winter Storm Warnings and “Dump Alerts” we all love to hear!

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San Andreas Fault  
Could this be the culprit for the Napa Earthquake?

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Yosemite. No more words are needed.

Mammoth is just a short drive from Yosemite. For the best condos, townhouses and cabins visit

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Edible or Poisonous? 
Anybody know what kind of BERRIES these are? Edible or Poisonous? We found them on a hike in the Mammoth Lakes area...

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Truth or BS Revealed: Key code-Confusion  
All but one of you thought this was a truth. It sounds totally plausible
and ridiculous enough that some could have done this.Well, I must admit this was a total BS. Got ya!

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