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Incorporate Art and Function for Your Home - #40 2009-09-21

Incorporate Art and Function for Your Home 

Virtual Stone Studios takes concrete to new dimensions.  Treat your existing surfaces - countertops, shower walls, floors to a decorative concrete overlay - no demolition required! Or let us build or cast a custom piece - headboards, tables, vanities with integral sinks, water features and more - just for you.
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Incorporate Art and Function for Your Home
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Welcome to Mammoth Market Place Art Works - #17 2009-04-19

    Here on the pages below you will find collections of fine art and utilitarian art. The fine artrists are well know and skilled throughout the USA. Some of the Artists works can be found at the Smithsonian and Metropolitian museums. The artists work is stunning to display or in the case of the jewlery breathtakeing to wear. The Art work encompasses many different mediums and explores life and the world around us through the artists eyes.

   Explore the utilitarian art which has been crafted with precision and care to creat beauty to form and function. Contact the Artisit directly from the pages below for details, pricing and shipping.

                                 Abstract Face $125 plus S&H


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Welcome to Mammoth Market Place Art Works
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Original Voulkos Plate - #39 2009-04-19

Original Voulkos Plate. Signed by Artist!

  A rare opportunity to own a "Voulkos"

              One only!

  $75,000 obo


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Original Voulkos Plate
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Collectable War Poster- Man the Guns - #36 2009-04-19

 Antique war poster.  " Man the Guns"


  Price $200obo

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Collectable War Poster- Man the Guns
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Antique War Poster - US ARMY - #38 2009-04-19

Original War Poster -  Poster is 2x3     $200.00 obo

                US ARMY



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Antique War Poster - US ARMY
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Antique War Poster- America Calling - #37 2009-04-19

   Collectable War Poster: "America Calling"

       $200 obo


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Antique War Poster- America Calling
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Torn Blue Ceramic Pot - #27 2008-12-02

Ceramic High Fire Blue Pot: 18inches tall and 20inches in Diameter

Artist: Stuart Freed

The artist was inspired by the clay becuase it is free flowing and spontaneous. Frustrated  by the structure of perfect form and routine, these " Torn Pots" breakaway and express free thinking and  "out of the box" mentality. A collectors item, having been purchased by collectors and Coorporations as they demonstrate the struggle of "breaking free' from routine, resitriction and and limiting ideas. 

Torn Pots are made  on commission. All forms vary in size color and deminsion. Approximate sizes and colors are available upon request.

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Torn Blue Ceramic Pot
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Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia - #31 2008-12-02

Hynposis CD's available for the relief of Stress, Anxiety or Insomnia. $9.95 plus S&H

About the Author: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists Millie Freed CHt

Millie Freed has assembled a collection of CD's that address Stress, Anxiety or Insomnia and other troubling concerns. Each CD offers relaxing and uses Hypnotic suggestion to relieve either Stress, Anxiety or Insomnia. CD's are also available for other issues. These CD's and the hypnotic suggestions within have been part of Ms Freed's practice over the years. She has helped many clients manage their stress and anxiety and relieve the symptoms of Insomnia. The hypnotherapeutic session is highly effective in these areas but there are times when time is not availabe or financial resourses are limited.It is for this reason that Ms Freed has put these Hypnotic suggestion on affordable CD's that you can listen to in the comfort and privacy of your home. Learn to manage your Stress, Anxiety or Insomnia by simply listening to these CD's  just before you go to sleep.

Each CD is $9.95 plus S&H. Downloads will be available soon.

Custom CD's are available also upon request. Contact Ms Freed CHt  with any question or requests for customs CD's.

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Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia
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Step Stool - #35 2008-12-02

Step Stool 16" Wide  20" Tall

Hand crafted wooden step stool. Interlocking lap joints and doweled together. Steps are 6'wide and made of Walnut and the sides are made of Cherry. Each step stool in made to order and slight variations may occur. The step stool can be ordered with dove tail joints.

$175.00 + S&H    Allow upto 4 weeks for delivery. Rush orders considered call to place your     rush order. Additional fees charges for rush orders.

Custom step stool available. Design your own step stool. Call or email for custom orders and quotes.

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Step Stool
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Wear Art Now - #8 2008-09-28

Bracelet: Sterling silver, tropical hardwoods, lapis, turquoise, bone, Japanese sword ornament

About the Artist

I have been a craftsman for many years maintaining the culture and traditions of objects made by hand and, by linking with other crafts people, ancient, modern and contemporary. Many of them have also worked with human made and natural resources as well as precious metals and antiquities, and are also sensitive to their rarity, near extinction, or elimination from our fragile planet.

To see more of Mr Gattos fine work please visit his website, the link is located below.

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Wear Art Now
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Beautiful and functional Cutting Boards - #32 2008-12-02

These cutting boards were designed for function and asthetic beauty. Durable and easy to clean. Hardwoods stand up to many years of use. Hand made of Ash, Walnut and Birch.  Diminsions: 1x10x16 

Starting @ $25.00 S&H

Designs may vary. Other sizes and patterns are available.

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Beautiful and functional Cutting Boards
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Lullaby Madonna - #16 2008-09-28

Solid Bronze 6 inches tall with marble base

The Artist: Gerrry Westgerdes

I created the original when I was immersed in a theme using the egg as a form and as a symbol of hope in new life.  It was part of my "Cosmic Egg" series in sculpture and drawing
in the 70's and 80's.  I heavily stylized and simplified the figure, playing curved lines against straight lines.  The thickness is as near as one can get and still have a solid piece.  Anything much larger would shrink on cooling and would need to be hollow.  It looks best when it is
kept good silverware.  It is possible to polish it, then spray it with a coat of  clear lacquer, but I do not like the lacquer application as it sometimes looks "fake" or plastic.  Of course allowing the air to oxidize the piece dulls it over time, diminishing its visual
appeal. That can be a problem for some people. 

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Lullaby Madonna
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Untitled Blue Plate - #11 2009-09-17

Ceramic Wall Hanging Plate : Diameter 22 inches . Low fire glazes used to create abstract design.

About the Artisit Stuart Freed studied at Otis Art Institute and influened by Peter Voulkos and Henry Takemoto. Freeds work encompasas large abstract vessel forms.

For more informaton on the artisit please see contact below.

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Untitled Blue Plate
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Sun Face - #14 2009-09-17

Ceramic Low Fire Wall Hanging. Diameter 20-24inches

The Artist: Stuart Freed

Inspired by the natural forms found in nature.  

Each sun face is made to order and variations occur. Allow 4 weeks for delivery

$200.00 plus S&H


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Sun Face
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Entry Table with Drawer - #34 2008-12-02

Beautiful 15" Wide 39" Long 32" Tall Entry table

This table is made with select pieces of Walnut and the coyotes are made of Oak. The table is put together with dowels and interlocking lap joints. Each table is built to order and slight variations occur due to wood grains and hand made nature.

$475.00 + S&H

Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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Entry Table with Drawer
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Bronze Horse - #15 2008-09-28

Bronze Horse : 6 inches tall by 12 inches long

Artist: Marilyn Westgerdes


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Bronze Horse
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