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Mammoth Lakes Rental Guest Comments
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Mammoth Lakes Rental Guest Comments

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"We had a great time at this condo and skiing. Thanks for your wonderful home."
-- Volimas Family, 2014-04-10

"Our family is having a beautiful time. The condo is just right! The kids love the loft. The kitchen has everything I need and we love the fireplace. Pefect Spring conditions, lots of snow boarding!!! We got to enjoy dinner at "The Stove nd I loved the coffee at Black Vlevet. Most of all our family enjoyed the beuty of Mammoth an just making memories. Thanks for the condo!"
-- The Colbs, 2014-03-14

"We had a great time cozying up to a fire every night, and were lucky enough to get some snow. Something we don't see much of in LA. Thanks and hope to be back soon."
-- no name, 2014-02-28

"This place was amazing! I loved all the cozyness an it felt like home. I tried my hand at snowboarding and lerned that I am not very good. It is so sad to leave but I cn't wait to come back soon."
-- Madie, 2013-10-20

"We love Mammoth and your condo is great. So Cozy and comfortable. Loved the location and how easy it was to walk everywhere."
-- Steve, Molley, Julie & Tom Bryanstains, 2013-10-04

"Great place!....Thank you!"
-- Shawn C., 2013-07-29

"Thankyou for a wonderful stay. The place was nice and cozy, quiet and wonderful. We had an amazing time. We will definately come back again."
-- Zar, 2011-12-18

"Thanks for sharing your beautiful condo. My husband and 4 of our kids had a lovely Thanksgiving here and cooked it here with ease. I love your decorations. No Snow but plenty to see and do. God bless."
-- The Steapers , 2011-11-25

"Woo Hoo!! A week later what we wanted and over a foot of SNOW on the mountain. We made the best of it though riding Lower Rock Creek, yes both ways, then all around Mammoth Knolls. Good Times and this cabin so much better then camping. "
-- The Boys, 2011-10-10

"The place is clean and lovely. We spent most of our time outside. A clean place to sleep and very nice. Thank you."
-- Wory Family, 2011-09-12

"Great Place!"
-- Remi, 2011-08-25

"Thank you so much for letting us stay here. We had such a great time here in Mammoth and look forward to returning. Our girls really enjoyed sleeping in the loft and it was great to have room for all 3 of them. We enjoyed the balcony and the great pictures."
-- The Beck Family, 2011-08-20

"Thank you so much for letting us stay at your wonderful condo. Hope to stay again."
-- The Edwards Family, 2011-08-01

"Your condo is clean and comfortable. Everything we needed for our stay was provided. We especially appreciated the free internet and the TV's in each room. Love the decor and the big clean bathrooms."
-- Bernadette, 2011-08-01

"Your place is beautiful and we enjoyed our timr in your condo.When we walked in, we fell in love. It's cute and the perfect summer getaway.We enjoyed our vacation in Mammoth and in your lovely condo."
-- Jay,Anna, Alyssa, Robyn and Robert, 2011-07-15

"When we first saw the condo from the outside I was just like "ahhh" just another condo. When I went isnide I was shocked to see how beautiful! Thank you so much. Awesome! Love it!"
-- Miranda and Max, 2011-06-26

"Thank you Millie, we had a wonderful time staying in your condos. Fishing was great, the hiking was challenging. Now we are off to Yosemite! Opening day of Toiga pass!"
-- The Prathers, 2011-06-18

"We had a great time here in Mammoth. Really love your place. Thanks"
-- Marc, Jim and Stevo, 2011-04-28

"Thank you for your stay. We had a great time snowboarding or just playing in the snow. Today is our last day. It's snowingnow! But again, thanks for the stay it was very cozy and comfortable. We had a rought time with starting the fire box but thankfully there was a heater. We all hope to come back soon."
-- Tohi,Dominic,Cannen & Thomas, 2011-04-13

"We had a great time and were very cozy here even on the day we were snowed in! Thanks for the nice home."
-- The Desmonds, 2011-04-11

"We had an awsome trip in Mammoth and hate to have to leave tomorrow. Thanks for the cool digs!"
-- SBF, 2011-03-27

"Loved it! All of it! We are coming back"
-- Julie and Tom Woodman, 2011-03-25

"Thank you very much. Unbelievable place with fantastic sheets. We hope to stay again."
-- Sauji Inada, 2011-03-22

"Hi! We had a great time again, like last year. Thanks again for the comfort that you provided."
-- Nora and Coleman, 2011-03-12

"Me and my family had so much fun. On our first day I would not get out of the snow. The next day I went snowboarding with my snow board and teacher Dustin. I was pretty good. On our third day er made a sledding."
-- Julie Matt Stacie and Cic, 2011-03-05

"We love your condo.We are having such a lovely vacation. We have loved the tons of snow in Mammoth. The kids had a great day in snowboard school and kids camp. Today we are going sledding. Your condo is a homebase fro all these winter activities. The accomidations are better than average and your beds are very comfortable too! We would love to come back next winter and make this our annual family vacation. Thanks, Stan"
-- Daurthe Family, 2011-03-02

"Hello. We got here today and we love it! The coolest thing is the living room because it has a big TV. I love the snow and it is the perfect size house for me, my mom, my Dad and my brother. Tomorrow we are going skiing and snow boarding! "
-- Salguero Family, 2011-01-26

"Sunshine Galorie, 5 month old baby loved the snow so did we. Mammoth is exceptionally beautiful."
-- Fisher Family, 2011-01-13

"Our family had one of the best family vacations here at the condo in Mammoth. The weather was great and it was always nice to come back here after a fun day of skiing. Thank you for making our trip better with this wonderful condo. :)"
-- Hatch Family, 2010-12-24

"What a wonderful condo you have. We had a fantastic time and got to experience perfectly clear days and one very snowy day. We look forward to staying here again hopefully later this season if not in the near future."
-- Ruyna Family, 2010-11-25

"Just wanted to thank you for our lovely visit to your condo in Mammoth on Oct. 13-14. Your place is very nice, beautifully decorated, and so cozy. We enjoyed a nice fire each evening, and after a day of hiking on Thursday, your comfy beds felt soooo good. The weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful visit to Mammoth. I hope we can come again. Thanks so much."
-- Judy and Gene Stevens, 2010-10-14

"Thank you for sharing your lovely condo with us for the two nights this week. You have a beautiful, comfortable home and we enjoyed our stay."
-- Judy and Gene Stevens. Sharon Larson, 2010-10-14

"Thank you so much for this great place. It was perfect for Jia and I for two days. The snow was great and we had a great time!"
-- Dorian and Jia, 2010-10-14

"We have very much enjoyed & our stay in your condo. The kitchen had everything we needed to cook meals - and having two bathrooms was wonderful. Using your condo as " home base" during the time we spent exploring God's beauty in the high Sierra's was perfect."
-- Chris Babier, Katie Petersons, Ryan Ramseyer. Alise Hunter,Byron Tanes Lauren Gallegos, 2010-08-12

"What a beautiful condo! We loved the rustic decor and everything was first rate. We've felt so much at home here - so comfortable. We had so much fun exploring the High Sierras and we always enjoyed returning to this lovely condo each day!"
-- The Mesers, 2010-07-22

"Millie and Stuart, awsome place you have here. Perfect for us, close to everything! Nice decorations just like home."
-- Ken & Marietta Borg, 2010-07-10

"We had a wonderful time! Thanks for making your place so comfortable."
-- The Hectares, 2010-07-10

"Great Place!!!! We will be back this winter."
-- The Darbys, 2010-06-10

"Thanks for the great weekend. Joe and I really needed a getaway and this was the perfect place. Your condo is comfortable with everything you need. All the comforts of home! Thanks again"
-- Laurie & Joe Knapp, 2010-04-30

"A nice quaint condo perfect for cold weather. Perfect place to come back to after being in the snow. A lovely condo! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year."
-- The Chow Familty, 2009-12-26

"We hope we'll have the opportunity to stay here again! What a cozy place with everything you need. Thanks so much for keeping a great place affordable during the holidays."
-- Brianm Laura, Wyatt & Wade Meckler - Yorba Linda, CA, 2009-12-23

"It has been a fun time staying at your condo. I am happy we could stay here. We appreciate you for the stay so when this page is read you know we loved it. PS Your pool is cold but fun and the hot tub was great. By the way I'm 9 years old"
-- Natasha Christensen, 2009-12-23

"Love the condo! Had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
-- Amanda, 2009-12-18

"Loved this place! Perfect for our needs. Thanks"
-- Taylor, Nakia, Whitney & Gram, 2009-10-23

"What a fabulose condo! We had a fun time in the snow and enjoyed this magnificent landscape! We hope to come again soon."
-- The Dority's, 2009-10-12

"Great condo! Fit our needs perfectly. My son and I had a wonderful time. Hope to stay here again next year."
-- Jim & Gason Weis. Bakersfield, CA, 2009-09-10

"This condo is an unbeloebable deal for a summer getaway. We really enjoyed our stay here and we were very comfortable. We even enjoyed making up ghost stories about the locked room in the upstairs closet. Is there really a gaurd dog? Anyway, great central location, loaded kitchen, adn nice amenities made out stay nice and we appreciate the early check-in."
-- The Maier Family, 2009-09-04

"A great 4 days. This condo worked wonderfully for us all to enjoy the area adn wedding we attended. Thanks"
-- Susan Burrells, 2009-08-29

"It was a lovely suprise to find such a nice and cozy place. The kids loved the spa and the bed on top! Thank you very much! We loved our stay in California and your country."
-- Maijeh, Giovanni, Yon and Colette, 2009-07-10

"Thank you for letting us stay at your cozy condo. I fely at home within minutes of walking through the front door. I love all the wild life photos. Your place was perfect for us."
-- Irons and Pfihhers, 2009-07-05

"Had the most wonderful time at your place. Hopefully we will be back next yaer"
-- Eric, Erin, Kelli, Neil, 2009-06-17

"Had a great time at your place. Thanks a bunch it was a great vacation before the tour."
-- Paul, 2009-05-17

"Back again on Mother's Day :) Had a great time - maybe we'll be back again next year."
-- Mike, Tina & Reed, 2009-05-09

"Thank you Millie for an excellent stay! The place is warm, cozy, clean and well appointed. Had everything we needed and was close to everything. Will definately we staying again."
-- Cathleen Wright & friends, 2009-04-05

"Wonderful condo, great location. We had a BLAST on our first visit to Mammoth. Anxiou for return visits. Thank you."
-- The Badders, 2009-03-27

"This is such a cozy place. We had a wonderful time. It is currently 8:59 in this Sunday morning and it is snowing pretty hard outside, the wind is blowing really hard as well which creates a perfect snowclobe view. It definately feels like Christmas again. It is really pretty outside. Thanks for the wonderful place and memorable mements"
-- Hester, Julia, Venus, Brue, Ron, 2009-03-22

"Thanks for everything. It was a great trip. The condo has it all."
-- Bryan & Jocelyn, 2009-03-22

"Loved the condo! Wat better than a hotel-We will come back again!"
-- Dale, Erin & Ally, 2009-03-01

"This is our 2nd time in your condos and already looking forward to the 3rd. 1st time was 12/07 and here we are on our 2nd trip for our honeymoon. We love the home feeling! Thanks!"
-- Jean & Amanda Halpenny. Pasadena CA, 2009-01-24

"Great Condo. Fireplace was cozy. Missed the dishwasher and the Eagles loosing the play-offs were the only bummers."
-- The Hart Family, 2009-01-19

"Thank you for being part of such a memorable trip. Well needed trip. We love Mammoth & were so excited to be @ your lodge...very cozy, warm & relaxing. We look forward to many more stays here"
-- The Thomas & Cassar's, 2009-01-11

"Well thanks again for the cozy lodging! We had a wonderful relaxing time. We love the warm additions to your condo."
-- The Dobson Family, 2009-01-07

"Nice clean and well equipped, great location, unbeatable deal, would definitely stay again!"
-- Brian Murphy, 2008-12-30

"Gorgeous weather, beautiful fall color, your condo is perfect. Good Locationand supery comfy.We had a wonderful time. Thanks!"
-- Janet & Jeff Oak Park, CA, 2008-10-24

"A good time was had by al! Thank you!"
-- George & Lauretta Oceanside, CA, 2008-10-07

"We had a great time and really enjoyed the homey feel of the condo. It was great to be right in town. Thank you very much!"
-- Alison & Todd La Cresenta, CA, 2008-09-15

"Millie,Thank you so much for providing me with the below link as I found a condo for the days that I want. I am so excited as we have been on a waiting list since Feb for a place in Vale and I just gave up and dropped out and thought that I would NOT be skiing this year after Christmas and we ALWAYS ski after Christmas, it is our tradition. So, again I would like to give you a big thank you as you made my holiday and I truly mean that. I have put your website in my favorites and I will be contacting you again for all my Mammoth condo stays. "
-- Denise Kendall, 2008-09-09

"Our family loved staying at your place. Thank you so much for the use of yout place. It was a memorable vacation. The Suzukis, Torrance CA"
-- Randy, Haomi, Josh, Alyssa & Dylan, 2008-07-24

"We had a very nice time at Mammoth, and your condo was great. We especially appreciated the comfortable beds. It was also great to be near Mammoth Creek park - though we didn't catch any fish this time!"
-- Ken, 2008-07-21

"Mammoth is great!"
-- The Wiler Family- Skeatook, OK, 2008-07-21

"Excellent Stay! Beautiful house."
-- Simi Valley, CA, 2008-07-16

"Millie, Thanks for the rental last week at Krystal Villa East. Everything was terrific and we had a great time (even caught a few fish)."
-- Michael Mead, 2008-07-14

"We had a fun time. Thanks!"
-- The Sutcliffs, Teresa, JIM, Harry, Jonathan - Agoura Hills, CA, 2008-07-02

"Hi Millie, We enjoyed your place; the boys enjoyed staying in the loft. We had a great time. Thank you."
-- Teresa Sutcliffe, 2008-07-01

"We all enjoyed your home here in Mammoth, it is very homey and comfy, lts of room and loved having 2 bathrooms! We did lots of hiking and even enjoyed a message. We did not get to do everything and so have reason to come back and hopefully stay here again. So thanks for sharing your condo until next time."
-- The Reynolds, Mary, Emily &Stephanie -Ojai, Ca, 2008-06-29

"We had a wonderful stay. Warm fire, warm and comfy beds. Great views and total experiences. We would like to reserve again soon."
-- Jon & Carrie, Lancaster CA, 2008-03-31

"So far nice and cozy staying here for two weeks leaving June 7. Caught many fish, fishing is great, place is great, we saw 2 coyotes and a bear. Front room nice HD TV. Be back soon."
-- no name, 2008-03-31

"Thanks for creating such a cozy and comfortable lil' nitch! This was the perfect place to celebrate a very special birthday! so we got to add a lil' more love and happiness to your already- warm sanction! Thank you of making it available to others and for giving us the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Mammoth! May God always bless you with Love , Peace and Happiness. Sincerely,"
-- Juliet Capulet and Verona, 2008-02-22

"Great place!"
-- John's family, 2008-01-31

"Thank you so much! Beautiful! We enjoyed our stay!"
-- Phil, Fess, Rene, Phillip Sabastian, 5/26/08

"Lovely place you have created in an amazing setting."
-- The Bishop Family. London, UK, 5/23/08

"Thanks, we had a great time and loved the place. Will come back again."
-- 5/20/08

"I had a wonderful, relaxing stay in your condo and look forward to coming back soon."
-- John, 5/13/08

"Couldn't have had a better time. The place was cozy and wonderful. Thanks for taking us in on the last minute. Loved the Cheech and Chong..."
-- The Winnies, Mother's Day Weekend 2008

"Thank you for this wonderful week in your apartment. Swiss Rocks!!!"
-- Nadine, 4/16/08

"Millie :) Thank you very much, you came through 4 us @ the last minute. I hope we can rent from you again soon!!"
-- Sara Barnhouse, 4/6/08

"The cabin was great! All inclusive! Thanks for the rental. It allowed us to have a nice place to chill, cook dinner etc…. so that we could rip up Mammoth Sat. and Sunday"
-- 4/5/08

"We had a fantastic time! The fireplace is wonderful and the beds so comfy. The kids loved the bunk beds and loft. Thank you for making our stay so wonderful!"
-- The Muir Family, 4/2/08

"Thank you for opening your home to us. It was very cozy and lovely. We had perfect weather. Snowed for a day and then was warm and sunny! Loved the fireplace and the locations. We will definitely be back. Brice, Lisa, Taelor Getz, We loved the place!!! Thank you for providing so generously for our comfort. The decorating touches are perfect!"
-- Mom and Katie, 3/17/08

"We had an amazing time here in Mammoth. The condo was great, cozy and comfortable. Three great days of skiing. Last day was pure powder. Can’t thank you guys enough, we’ll be back."
-- Mario and Bertha, 3/15/08

"The whole experience was amazing. The condo was very cozy and inviting. Every thing you could possibly need was provided here and the décor set the mood for what turned out to be one of the best vacations we’ve had. Thank you and we look forward to coming here again in the near future.
P.S The view is incredible!"
-- Brown Sablan, 3/2/08

"We had a wonderful time. Skiing conditions were great and we had great weather. We found the condo nice and very comfortable. It was very clean and had everything we needed. We would certainly recommend it."
-- The Coppingers, 2/27/08

"Beautiful Place!"
-- Josie, 2/24/08

"Thanks for creating such a cozy and comfortable lil’ nitch! This was the perfect place to celebrate a very special birthday… so we got to add a lil’ more love and happiness to your already- warm sanction! Thank you of making it available to others and for giving us the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Mammoth! May God always bless you with Love , Peace and Happiness. Sincerely,"
-- Juliet Capulet and Verona, 2/23/08

"Millie- Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. We absolutely loved being here. The weather was crazy so we’ll just have to come up and do it again. Thanks again,"
-- Mirt Parkhill, 2/1/08

"We absolutely love the condo!! It’s sp very cozy. We made frequent use of the fireplace to keep warm. Definitely coming back next season. I love the kitchen. I had everything I needed for cooking. Pots, pan, plates & etc. Thank you,"
-- Ellen Chessa and Family, 1/20/08

" Millie, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us rent your condo...we really enjoyed it. Three beautiful days of skiing and the condo was really nice and comfortable! Thanks so much. "
--Joe Reff 03/05/2008

" We had a memorable vacation! Your condo is beautiful and equipped with everything we needed. Our 3 kids loved their own little "retreat" upstairs. Thanks! "
--The Savage Family

" Thank you so much for this wonderful condo. This place really makes you feel at home. We loved it so much we can't wait to come back. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated. Thanks. "
--Lindsey, 7/7/07

" Our family of six enjoyed our stay. Your condo made for a wonderful vacation. We hope to return again someday. "
--The Lybarger FAMILY, 7/20/07

" Staying at your cozy and well equipped condo made our stay at Mammoth lakes all the more enjoyable and memorable. Thank you! "
--Gavers and Mary, 8/3/07

" We had a wonderful time staying here. Everything is beautiful and so comfortable. Thanks for opening your hearts and doors to us and sharing this wonderful place. "
--The brown family - Murritta Ca

" Wonderful Time great condo and beautiful. We love Mammoth and this place. "
--The Chung Family

" Thanks for providing such homey and cozy place for us. We had a great vacation and look forward to the next stay. "
--Dony Family, Shirley and Michelle, 8/31/07

" We absolutely love the bed. We haven't sleep so well in n years, that doesn't mean we missed the activities though. We'll be sure to recommend this place to all of our friends. We're definitley found our "regular" vacation spot for our Mammoth trips. Thanks for having us! "
--Scott, Alicia and Eli Kell, 9/3/07

" Wonderful condo, decorated great, very comfy and cozy. We had a great time and will be back again. "
--Christine, Phil Eric and Bruce, 10/17/07

" Great relaxing time. Weather and climbing in Owens river gorge were great. A wonderful condo. We hope to return again. "
--Stuart and Kimberly, 10/27/07

" We had a great time. It snowed the day after we got here and never stopped. Great LOCATION for heading up the mountain or grabbing a quick bite. The condo was cozy, welcoming and just what we needed before the holidays. Thanks! "
--Sean and Amanda, 12/9/07

" Mammoth is so beautiful like paradise, white snow, beautiful green pine trees, we really wish that one day we will come to live here. Love the cabin, so romantic drinking red wine in front of the fire place. Never forget Mammoth. Thank you! "
-- 12/16/07

" Wonderful condo. There were lovely designs all over the condo. It felt great coming back into a warm and cozy place after a heavy and snowy blizzard for three days. Straight. We had the best of times with the wonderful Christmas spirit and snow made everything better. Looking forward to coming back in the summer. "
--Khachatryan family, 12/21/07

" This condo surprised us all because it was so comforting. We loved the view from the window. We are glad this condo had stairs because it made the place a lot cooler but the best thing about he stairs only a couple of them. Having two bathrooms was awesome. Playing in the snow was perfecto. We will definitely think about coming back. "
--Friends of the above

"We really enjoyed our stay at your Mammoth condo! It was so cute and comfy!
We look forward to renting it next year as well. My parents may even be going back in the summertime."
--Chessa & Family

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the wonderful vacation condo. It was a perfect retreat, complete with all the comforts of home, which made our phenomenal holiday that much better.
Thanks again and best wishes!"
--Kevin N. Green

" Just wanted to let you know that your condo was great. We had a great time and the three TVs helped. I finally got to watch something I wanted. Your condo is decorated very nicely and my daughter loved the bunk beds in the loft. The condo was very clean when we arrived. The condo and the location of the condo can't be beat."
--Jeannie Hahn and Family

"We just love your cabin and we look forward to coming back soon."
--John and Alice Stevens


"Thank you very much your condo is so nice to be at, the view and sunsets have been wonderful. We cannot wait to come again."
--Steve and Jane Jones


"Your condo was a delight. Just wonderful! There was plenty of room for our family, we just loved it. It was so close to everything. We didn't get into our car all week long. Our two daughters loved the bunk beds in the loft. Thank you for letting us enjoy your condo and we are looking forward to returning in November and January for the snow."
--The Muir Family

"We had a great time in your home but who would guess that there wouldn't be any snow, in spite of it all we had a wonderful time the area. The accommodations were great, thanks for the opportunity to stay at your home."
--The Moores
"Great place! We were very comfortable. See you again in February of '07"
--The Dobson Family
"Thank you so much for opening up your condo to us. It has been a very cozy and friendly place to stay. We have enjoyed it very much."
--The Moore Family
"We had a wonderful time in your cabin. Although the snow was poor, the lodging was stellar."
--Adam Deritter
Mammoth Lakes Rental Guest Comments"This place had everything that we needed. It was cozy, cute, and comfortable! With the snow falling outside, the scenery was a perfect postcard. We would love to come back here again."
--Jayna and Family
"Love the place! Comfy + very comfortable. We look forward to doing it again in the summer and next year in the winter. Hopefully with more snow!"
--Carlos and Karen
"The house was very comfy and cozy! We enjoyed our stay here very much. We're soo Sad to leave and we're already counting the days until next year when we'll come back."
--The Cohen Family
"We had a wonderful time in your lovely condo. It was our 1st time to stay here. The skiing was terrific!"
--The Thirlangs
"Nice and Lovely. Felt like a home away from home! Especially nice and warm when it's cold outside. Will come again."
--The Griffens

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